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‘SteamIt’ – Gold


The Steam It is the ultimate user-friendly light steam iron. Steam It is manufactured with high technology standards and made from high quality components & materials.



Made in Italy

The STEAMIT  is a lightweight, portable travel steamer that will keep your most delicate fabrics looking immaculate and fresh. All you need is tap water and salt during your travels. It generates a steady flow of steam, which eases wrinkles from silk, polyester, cotton, and linen.

You can also use STEAMIT at home. Its nylon brush helps reduce wrinkles in delicate fabrics. The unit also has the power to freshen up household items such as curtains, tablecloths, sofa covers and more in just minutes.

The SteamIt is designed for world wide use, is automatic Bi-Voltage(can be used for 110v or 220v)

Features include:

  • Improved pressure & perfect steam speed
  • Powerful, yet energy efficient
  • Smooth rubberized finish
  • Nylon brush for delicate fabrics
  • Water measuring cup
  • Salt measuring spoon
  • Lifetime warranty


  1. Harry

    Nice and easy

  2. Zita

    Me encantan los colores. El dorado es el mejorrrrr

  3. Charlie

    very easy to use

  4. john


  5. Arnau

    Tenia mis reservas cuando la compre, pero ha sobre pasado todas mis expectativas

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